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'Original' Whipped Beard Butter

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Get the full, soft, healthy beard you desire. The shea butters anti-inflammatory properties will reduce razor bumps and itching while castor & tea tree oil promotes thickness and growth.

Formulated for a moisturizing and not greasy for a luxurious whipped butter. Shea butter is known to be nutrient rich and ideal for skin softening.

Natural Ingredients from Nature



Butters: Shea, Mango.

Oils: Jojoba, Sweet Almond, Rosehip, Avocado, Argon, Castor, Vitamin E,

Essential & Fragrance Oils , Arrowroot powder


How do I use it? 

1. Make sure your beard is completely washed before you apply your beard butter. Best when applied while beard still has moisture.  You dont want to apply beard butter to a dirty beard.

2. Take a good amount of beard butter with your fingers and put it in the palm of you hands. Rub your hands together until it melts, then rub it in evenly into your beard.

3) After you have applied your beard butter, you will comb it in with a wide tooth sandalwood comb. The reason you want to use a wide tooth sandal wood comb is because it gently massages the skin on your face. By massaging the skin on your face, you stimulate the hair follicles and increase blood flow to the area which promotes hair growth. 


*No Preservatives

*No Pthalates

*Vegan Ingredients


*Not Tested on Animals

*Sustainable Palm Oil


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